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Garden Lighting

Transform your home or facility into a spectacular showplace at night with Bambu Botanik professional outdoor lighting service. Not only will illumination enhance the beauty of your home and garden, it also increases security and reduces risks around walkways, decks, pools and other landscape features. The warmth and beauty that this lighting can create will only be appreciated if the scheme is designed correctly and carried-out by a company that has the knowledge, expertise and passion for what they do. Bambu Botanik experience and qualifications in horticulture and electrical installations, we are a specialist exterior lighting company which uses registered electricians and equipment that is designed for external applications, key to keeping the lighting safe and functioning long term. Horticultural understanding is also very important, as plant knowledge is vital when lighting the garden. Knowing how the tree or shrub is going to mature is essential when considering whether to illuminate it or not. Selecting the plant varieties that have the most attractive foliage or interesting form and an awareness of whether the plant is deciduous or herbaceous is only possible when someone has this experience and knowledge.