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Outdoor Lifestyle and Playgrounds

Just about anything you do indoors during the winter can be done out-of-doors during the summer. For instance, cook lunch or dinner on a BBQ grill instead of in the oven. Eat outside, sitting on and around your outdoor furniture, instead of in the kitchen. Take a book and read outside; entertain guests and chat with friends; drink your morning coffee from a chaise lounge; listen to the birds twittering and watch the wind blow through the trees instead of watching TV. Spend some time out on your patio this summer! Bambu Botanik is ready to provide you all you need. Floorings, decks, fences, frames, furniture,pergolas, bowers. You name it, we will supply it.

Bambu Botanik offers a comprehensive range of children's outdoor play equipment for all ages. Our playground equipment includes playground safety surfacing, wooden climbing frames, outdoor shelters, playhouses, play towers and sandboxes. We design and make all our playground equipment where we combine the latest manufacturing technology with the skills of the traditional craftsman. We pride ourselves on our total commitment to the highest standards of workmanship, safety, and environmental sustainability.