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When designing your garden, always begin with the permanent structures. Let the physical area and surroundings dictate the shape and form of your design. Make sure drainage, grading and compaction are properly planned because you don't want problems cropping up after the garden is done. Therefore, hardscape comes out to be an important issue where Bambu Botanik can help you a lot. Hardscape materials are as varied as your imagination. But for weight-bearing construction, you are safest with tried and true materials like stone, wood, cement and the like. Most folks like patios and shade structures. But even these can be built with creativity, forming them to original designs and choosing imaginative materials. Cement can be colored, stamped or imbedded. Mosaics, pavers, tiles, brick, colored gravel, crushed glass, etc. or a combination of materials can make flat surfaces swirl with interest. Consider adding structures for both usage and beauty. Pools, waterfalls, fountais, bridges, rock gardens will add value to the garden you have imagined.