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Fully Automatic Watering Systems

Bambu Botanik offers an extensive range of watering and drip irrigation products and Automatic Garden Watering Systems which can be controlled manually or automatically. An automatic watering system is a combination of hoses, valves, electronic controls and sprinklers. It grants a water saving of 30 % and provides a continious regular watering to enhance beautiful healthy looking plants.


Installing an efficient watering system not only helps maintain a heathy commercial garden, but will also:

  • help save water
  • cut watering costs
  • deliver water to plants effetively
  • save time and costs associated with ongoing watering


Milestones of Building an Automatic Watering System:

  • Evaluation of the area and the structure of the earth and the plants.
  • Earth structure of the area and draining facilities.
  • Inspection of water sources in the area, evaluation of the possible water pressure facilities and calculation of the water pressure for a continous effective sprinkler operation.
  • Correct installation of sprinklers for an equal and effective watering.
  • Guidance for the most effective watering system for your gardens.